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Attention: Baidu and Tron Finally Tie The Knot. Or Do They?

Just a couple of days back on October 13th, BTC Wires had reported that a possible collaboration was on the horizon between the blockchain startup Tron (TRX) and the Chinese Internet Giant Baidu.

Well the confirmation the industry had been waiting on has arrived from Tron’s side. The foundation recently tweeted from their official handle that it would be working next to Baidu with regards to making their cloud solutions more accessible.

It is clear from the tweet that their collaboration would specifically focus on cloud solutions. According to speculation,Tron is looking forward to building its Wave Field Tron system on Baidu cloud. According to sources, Baidu Cloud and Tron’s deal will revolve around “basic cloud business,” and that both parties are looking forward to maximizing intercompatibility and “to build, operate and debug blockchain products” based on Baidu Cloud.

The translation of the chinese text in the image attached to the tweet reads as following, according to one of Tron’s own members

“Baidu Cloud service is cooperating with Tron’s Wave Field technology in basic cloud business field. Therefore, the Wave Field Tron will be built on Baidu Cloud. Both the parties have not reached any partnership on a business level, but the current partnership will be only focusing on the sale and the purchase of basic cloud computing resources.”

Tron, currently the eleventh largest cryptocurrency in the world stands to benefit much from this collaboration. Firstly, as soon as Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron posted about the collaboration, Tron’s price went up over 2 percent against the dollar. It is evident that this partnership will help boost Tron to new heights.

However, some crypto users do not see this as a partnership yet and are ridiculing the exaggeration of this deal from Tron’s side. They are skeptic if this deal actually can be called a ‘partnerhsip’.

It remains to be seen what is the nature of this ‘partnership.