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ArcBlock, A Blockchain Platform Joins Amazon Web Services Partner Network

ArcBlock, announced today that they had solidified the partnership that they had with Amazon Web Services by expanding their blockchain platform and ecosystem into the global AWS Partner Network (APN). With this new partnership, ArcBlock, the creator of a blockchain 3.0 ecosystem, and decentralized application development platform will be able to provide blockchain enabled services which include training and custom blockchain solutions.

They can also use this platform to launch their open development platform, that included quite a few new features- ArcBlock’s innovative Open Chain Access Protocol (OCAP) and OCAP Playground.

OCAP enabled services which include  ready-made infrastructure, blockchain data and a no installation procedure, on Amazon’s Web Services, removes the vendor lock-in we see today and replaced them with blockchain technologies which provide developers with the scope, power and allowance to evaluate, test, deploy and manage different blockchain protocols seamlessly and without changing their code. OCAP Playground has an interactive browser-based console, based on Graph QL which provides immediate access to real-time data regarding Ethereum and Bitcoin, cloud infrastructure where developers can get started immediately with the help of ready-made playbooks that have been made available.

They will also be able to combine blockchain technologies with the ready-made cloud infrastructures that use cloud computing and a microservice based architecture.

The CEO of ArcBlock, Robert Mao said,

“Our team is proud to have earned APN Technology Partner status. We will be continuing to invest in our relationship with AWS as one of our cloud partners as they have been a leader in the cloud infrastructure space for many years and help ensure that our customers and users are able to meet diverse scale, security and development requirements all while using ArcBlock’s platform to greatly simplify the entire development lifecycle for the blockchain-enabled apps and services.”

In order to qualify, Arcblock has to conduct a comprehensive review process, that correctly reflected their expertise and capabilities through customer case studies and industry and business references.

Technical Learning Series, an in-depth training service for developers and organizers, have also been launched recently by AcrBlock, mainly on  AWS Kinesis, AWS Athena, Smart Contracts, and AWS Data Pipeline Services.