Another HTC Blockchain Phone To Feature On The Market Soon?

The last year witnessed the Taiwanese consumer electronics giant HTC, achieve some important milestones in the space of blockchain technology. Notably, back in October 2018, HTC launched their latest blockchain based smartphone.

The phone that was launched last year was called EXODUS, and it received a warm welcome from the blockchain and crypto community. It looks like the company wishes to continue its endeavour, to provide more advanced models of a blockchain based smartphone for its customers.

A senior exec of HTC, Phil Chen, said at an event in Taipei, that the market can soon expect the release of a second generation of its blockchain phone, the EXODUS, by the year’s end. Chen is the HTC decentralized chief officer and his statement comes off as an official announcement by the company, about its upcoming intentions to launch the new version of EXODUS.

What’s interesting to note is that the phone has an in built cryptocurrency wallet, and supports various decentralized applications (dApps). We reported last year that HTC’s New Exodus 1 Phone Allows Payment Only In Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The phone has raked in quite an impressive amount of revenue from sales, according to various sources of the company. Chen has stated that the second-gen device will include some advanced features, which aren’t there in the current model:

“The new phone will extend its blockchain apps to include other areas such as browsing, messaging, and social media.”

Chen also released a blockchain-focused venture capital fund worth $50 million, called Proof of Capital, earlier this month. It hopes to bring blockchain technology to the masses by investing in early-stage startups. He launched it along with two of his partners.

We mention this because Proof of Capital has also partnered with HTC on its EXODUS line, claiming that it will work with the company

“to define the standards and interactions for this new internet and bring mobile and hardware know-how for our portfolio companies.”