Ankr Network Collaborates With

Ankr Network which is a disruptive cloud computing platform has recently announced a collaboration with (, the very world’s first 3rd-generation crypto-to-crypto exchange. Cloud computing has become the main framework of the modern web, so much so, that almost all small or large websites and applications use cloud computing services to host their service, store their data, and direct their user traffic.

Ankr Network’s main aim is to provide a practical solution that will be able to decentralise the cloud resources as well as reduce the cost of acquiring those network.  They are also focussing on creating a platform which will enable people and data centres across the world to give away their excess resources to resource consumers. As a result of which, the resource providers are rewarded with tokens. is one of the leading crypto trading exchanges, that also facilitates a wide range of services to both retail and institutional clients across the globe. The exchange, which was launched due to the initiative of a group of Wall Street veterans, builds its innovative platform al the while striving to maintain values of transparency, efficiency and reliability. This is to deliver high-quality client services and trading experiences. With its client-centric strategy and commitment to listing only high-quality projects, has expanded its global client base to over 100,000 registered users and 35,000 active community members, in a very short amount of time.

Their primary objective is to provide users with a resilient and efficient liquidity platform, and this vision coincides with Ankr’s vision of carrying the utility of blockchain technology to mass scale. Gradually, along with increased adoption of the Ankr Network, users and nodes will be benefited by from a liquidity perspective. Ankr Network is building out its platform with an innovative approach in order to improve efficiency and security of cloud computing based on a blockchain framework.  This corresponds to views abound efficiency, resilience and continuing product innovation.  Moreover, with its token utility model and the need for user expansion, it is essential for Ankr Network to partner with a stable exchange like with robust liquidity and top-quality client services. This strategic partnership will definitely support Ankr Network in their eco-development and delivery of their future plan.