Andorra Telecom to Use Blockchain Technology in Spain

As per reports, Andorra Telecom has recently entered into a collaboration with an organisation called Alastria, a Spanish non profit firm focused on the development of a digital economy. This partnership is aimed towards the integration of blockchain tech into Andorra Telecom’s internal operations.

Alastria is basically a consortium of more than eight hundred non profit entities that were responsible for launching the first national multi-sectoral blockchain network in Spain to foster a smart digital economy through the application of the ubiquitously useful blockchain technology within the country’s technological ecosystem.

Alastria will help Andorra Telecom deploy a robust blockchain network with its very own node. This will enable a streamlined development of a speedy and effective digital economy within the country’s telecom industry. Jordi Nadal, who serves as the director general of Andorra Telecom, commented regarding the development, saying:

“The agreement with Alastria allows us to reinforce the technological pillar and allows developments with different technologies, all of them of reference.”

As per the terms of the partnership, the two participants to the agreement are also planning to execute Link2Chain, the entrepreneurship program that Alastria has. The program also serves as a business accelerator and involves participation by the NIU incubator. The latter had been established by Andorra Telecom in November last year, hoping to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit in the field of technology.

The spread of blockchain’s benefits to an increasing number of sectors in more and more countries is definitely a welcome trend and we are sure to see more such developments in the near future.