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Analyst Sees Crypto Disrupting Visa & Paypal, But Not Anytime Soon

Lisa Ellis, a cryptoanalyst at the research firm MoffettNathanson has quite an optimistic view of the cryptocurrency and its future. Lisa being a market analyst is well versed with the market trends and sentiments and knows how the payment processing system works. Recently, she wrote a note to her clients stating how cryptocurrencies have the potential to disrupt the traditional payment processing giants like Visa, Paypal, and MasterCard.

Ellis holds a great crypto portfolio, having worked at Sanford C. Bernstein and McKinsey before taking up the job of senior equity analyst at her current firm. She holds 2 decades worth of experience in the technology field which includes mobile applications, cloud services, and outsourcing.

Ellis note to her clients strengthen incumbent voices which see the cryptocurrency as the futuristic payment methodology and the decentralization aspect of it makes it better than most of the currently available services.

Her note read,

“Cryptocurrency systems (e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple) are potentially disruptive to private payment systems. Their core design characteristics –- which are aimed at enabling ‘freedom of money’ — are in direct contrast to the characteristics of most traditional, private payment systems.”

Change Might be Distant But Not out of Reach

While Ellis believes in the potential of the cryptocurrency, she is not over-enthusiastic with her claims. She believes that the crypto space has the disruptive potential of change,m but that change might not be around the corner. It would take another decade of development and refinement before crypto payment services can become mainstream enough to disrupt the current giants.

Ellis believes if the companies around the world keep resisting the technological change, they would suffer in the later stages when decentralization becomes a norm. Ellis believes that the B2B dealing and person-to-person payments will change in near future.

The world sentiment towards the crypto space is changing fast as evident from the launch of JPM coin by one of the biggest critiques of the Bitcoin, JP Morgan. The only thing that is holding crypto space to boom is its adoption and that is majorly because of the passive stand taken by regulators around the globe.