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An International Crypto Conference Will See The Light of Day in North Korea

An exciting news comes straight out of Pyongyang, North Korea that has the global crypto industry in a tizzy. Word is that North Korea is all set to host their first ever international congregation on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology this October. The country is currently hit by sanctions and is virtually shielded from the outside world. Under these conditions, it is going to be interesting to see how the country pulls off an event like this.

The event is scheduled to be held in Pyongyang and is going to be a two day event, beginning on the 1st of October. Considering that North Korea has a sorry state of tourism, and countries like US have prohibited their citizens from travelling to North Korea, it is going to be a challenge for Kim Jong Un’s country to get the best crypto and blockchain experts across the world, for this event.

The event has an end goal of demonstrating Asia’s technological prowess to the world. It is also going to open up North Korean businesses to the outside world. For that purpose, there is a meet and greet scheduled with business leaders from North Korea at the end of the event.

A lot of foul play complaints have poured in from various parts of the world about North Korea in terms of crypto before. South Korean exchanges top the list of victims and have constantly complained about several North Korean hack attempts, some of which were successful. Earlier this month, Kaspersky Lab had reported that a North Korea based hackers’ group called Lazarus had hacked into an unnamed cryptocurrency exchange.

Under such circumstances, the international crypto forum will be eagerly anticipating how exactly North Korea will pull off an event of this stature. .