American Economic Association Hosts Presentations on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

The fact that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are gaining ground gradually, is indicative of a greater acceptance of it by the world at large. The American Economic Association (AEA), a learned society in America, that focuses on economics and publishes the very prestigious American Economic Review, is slated to hold four dedicated presentations on cryptocurrency and blockchain research today, Jan. 4 as a part of their ongoing annual meeting.

The American Economic Association which is a highly prestigious society will now be hosting a session called ‘Blockchain and Tokenomics,’ and will be covering four academic papers from different sources. The academic group, the Econometrics Society, chaired by assistant professor of finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Lin William Cong, will be hosting the sessions.

This event dedicated to the crypto sphere is a sign of the technology’s ever-growing mainstream presence. Four papers are to be discussed in the course of the event, and had the following titles: ‘Decentralized Mining in Centralized Pools,’ ‘Cryptocurrencies: Stylized Facts on a New Investible Instrument,’ ‘A Theory of ICOs: Diversification, Agency, and Information Asymmetry’ and ‘Tokenomics: Dynamic Compensation for Decentralized Contribution.’

Cong’s own paper about mining is a pertinent one, as under the present conditions, with the extension of the bearish market and the subsequent period of upheaval in the sector. The second paper is to examine the interaction of altcoins and investors and how it can net returns for them and its correlation with the volatility of Bitcoin’s market. The third paper discusses Initial Coin Offerings, and their impact on the financial market and the fact that they can be used as viable financial alternatives at least for some industrial ventures with proper regulations, while the fourth paper is about how tokens can be viewed as an alternative to cash-flow based securities in corporate finance in the age of financial democratization.