AIC Launches Pioneering Decentralized Application Using AI

Crypto AIC, a startup that works with both Blockchain as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI), has come out with the first-of-its-kind decentralized application based in AI. The company recently announced to the world that they are launching their brand new featured DApps. The innovative start-up is working on creating a technology that will make it possible to connect blockchain mining pools to GPU processes. As result, the firm will become capable of establishing linkages between several mining pools and the AI-powered features that are a part of the GPU. For users of the DApps, this would basically mean being able to make the best of both worlds: AI and blockchain tech.

Currently, users who make use of GPUs for the purpose of deep learning have to pay a rather steep charge for it and their earnings from mining done using a similar GPU goes down substantially. In mathematical terms, this can mean fifty times the difference in the cost one is subject to. What the AIC project will help ensure is change how this system works by allowing even the cost-effective GPUs to churn out higher levels of mining pool income.

In the field of using AI for deep learning, AIC is competing with Amazon Web Services or the AWS, among others. While Amazon’s platform has managed to ensure a high level of efficiency with regard to cost-effectiveness and speed, AIC is ready to take on its closest competitor with more than 100000 GPUs under its belt.

The infrastructural superiority AIC enjoys has given the company an advantage in the extremely competitive fintech industry. It is also working in close collaboration with the Shinhan Financial Group, a company that has an extremely strong financial footing. The firm has also made some investments the fields of VR and AI, to make their position stronger in the market. If market prospects and predictions are to be trusted, AIC will easily surpass the $2 billion mark by the time 2018 draws to an end.

With its digital asset already having found a listing in Bitforex, a major coin exchange, the project is all set to live up to the high expectations that its prospective clients, numbering upto 100000, have from it.