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After Million Dollar Predictions, John McAfee Calls Bitcoin a Shitcoin

John McAfee, also the US presidential candidate, has dependably been in limelight as a Bitcoin permabull who was the first to predict BTC to hit $500,000 in late 2020, later on raised this prediction to $1 million.

The former antivirus mogul even made a public statement that he would eat his own penis on US national TV unless Bitcoin (BTC) traded at $1 million by December 31st, 2020.

In his recent tweet, McAfee says that the future of cryptocurrency depends on altcoins and that Bitcoin is the true SHITCOIN.

Yes, McAfee Defects on BTC, One More Time

In his recent tweet, the cryptocurrency baron John McAfee admires the Bitcoin maximalist who first began to use the word “SHITCOIN” to fer to altcoins, thus showing their unfavorable attitude to alts and pointing to BTC as superior to them. However, what John McAfee does next is critisizing Bitcoin, calling it ‘old’ and ‘chunky’.

He concludes as “It is the true shitcoin.”

Prior, the reports said that McAfee eased off his promise to eat his penis openly if BTC failed to come to the $1 million cost per coin. He expressed that this forecast was just a stratagem to pull in new users to the cryptocurrency industry. Also, it worked, he said. Plus, he called Bitcoin ‘an ancient technology’ prior as well.

The Response to McAfee’s Tweet from the Community

In the comment thread, a few users began to rebuke McAfee for the new attitude he adopted recently towards the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

One user believes that he has started calling BTC a Shitcoin because he is to take part in presidential elections on November 3rd, 2020. In case BTC fails, altcoins will become ‘the useless rest’ as well.

One other person reproaches McAfee, while stating that he has made a U-turn on BTC since his prediction price seems to be failing.

Many other commentators seem to be led to trust that McAfee is going to start promoting cons on his Twitter handle one more time. Therefore, they feel that he is praising altcoins again, rather than the flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.