After Going Live on Exchanges, Alibabacoin to Partner with e-Commerce Giants

The Alibabacoin Foundation is making headways in the cryptocurrency market. Alibabacoin is already listed on some of the top exchanges in the world including Coinbene, BitForex, DragonEX, OOOBTC, RightBTC, Coinsuper, IDAX, and Sistemkoin, etc. Crypto customers who want to trade using their Alibabacoin (ABBC) can register on the above mentioned exchanges, complete the requirements, and thus start trading.

After getting listed on these exchanges, all at the same time, the Alibaba Foundation is now venturing into different arenas. As per reports, the company has announced that it will collaborate with around 30 famous shopping sites across the globe. As per the Chief Executive Officer of Alibabacoin Foundation, Jason Daniel Paul Philip, the company plans to join hands with leading retail giants such as eBay as well as Amazon. We’re excited to see what these partnerships have in store for the customers.

The Alibabacoin is now considered amongst the leaders in the cryptocurrency industry. Not only have they supported a charity for the less fortunate, the company has also developed the Multi Crypto Wallet which supports more than six digital currencies. The wallet is very secure as it comes equipped with security features such as facial recognition. After getting listed on some of the best exchanges, the company is looking to achieve many more milestones.

The partnership with shopping malls will give the company the opportunity to provide payment methods through the Alibabacoin (ABBC). At present, very few shopping destinations or malls accept cryptocurrencies. With the integration of ABBC into shopping malls’ payment methods, the dream of deploying cryptocurrency in the daily lives of the masses will become a reality. More and more people will be able to experience benefits, as well as enjoy the convenience of using digital currencies.

Another milestone to be achieved by the Alibabacoin Foundation is to create a marketplace by the end of the year 2018. The company aims to provide an array of products and services, and hence provide number of advantages to the MC Wallet users. The deployment of cryptocurrency in the marketplace will result in lower transactions costs, and thus result in much better services as compared to fiat currency.