A Member of the Zuckerberg Family Joins Huobi Chain Advisory Committee

Mark Zuckerberg’s elder sister has jumped ship, and has signed on to be a member of the Huobi Chain Expert Advisory Committee. She has previously served in different capacities in Facebook, for example, she served as a former director of market development and spokesperson for Facebook. A serial entrepreneur, Randi is currently the CEO of Zuckerberg Media, which is a content creation firm she started five odd years ago, based out of New York.

Huobi is a renowned platform which can be best described as an international multi-language digital currency trading platform. The Huobi Chain Expert Advisory Committee will serve a very important role to the company as a whole. They will be expected to professionally advice Huobi Chain Superhero Championship Program’s election phase. For those not familiar with this project, it is a campaign that Huobi started around two months back in a bid to encourage more community participation in the development of the public blockchain that Huobi has devised.

Joining Zuckerberg on the committee, are other experts like, investor and bitcoin evangelist, Jeffrey Wernick, and the co-founder and CEO of bitcoin mining giant Bitmain, Jihan Wu.

This is not the first time that Facebook is losing an employee in relation to blockchain. David Marcus, who was the head of blockchain at Facebook, had joined Coinbase as a board member. However, due to conflict of interest, he stepped down recently from the Coinbase board. There’s no chance of a conflict of interest this time around since, first, Randi was not an employee at Facebook before she joined Huobi, second, Facebook has already launched a blockchain initiative.

As far as Facebook’s blockchain initiative is concerned, the public isn’t aware of much details regarding it. The blockchain division of the social media giant was launched in may this year. Earlier this year, Zuckerberg had expressed his intentions to learn more about cryptocurrency. The industry is anticipating more details soon from Facebook.