Cryptocurrency As Payment

A Law Firm in Kearney Introduces Cryptocurrency As A Form Of Payment

A law firm in Kearney said that they are allowing customers to pay in cryptocurrency to help make it easier for the person that they are representing in times of crisis.

It is a currency that many people have come to learn about, and it’s made its way in Kearney.

The Managing Member of Bruner Frank Schumacher, L.L.C. Nathan Bruner, said –

“I use cryptocurrency just primarily to buy small goods here and there online. Nothing extraordinary.”

He continued saying –

“I think cryptocurrency is the next step in payment. It’s really easy to carry with you. It’s transportable across state and country lines. I think it’s easy to transact and move for people transferring money. It just provides limitless opportunities.”

By offering this option, Bruner realized that cryptocurrency would help make their clients’ lives as easy as possible.

“It’s really easy. We operate on a platform called CoinBase, simply You are able to link your bank account, credit card, debit card, prepaid visa or any form of traditional depository funds and trade for cryptocurrency.”

A Professor of Economics at the University of Nebraska at Kearney Allan Jenkins said –

“The cryptocurrencies, they’re best as a unit as exchange because the money can be, the currency, the units can be moved instantaneously because they’re all electronic.”

As for if it will catch on in central Nebraska or if more people will use virtual currency, Professor Jenkins said only time will tell.

“Do you for one moment think the world in ten years from now will be the way the world is today? Of course not. Things change all of the time. The idea that there is some new form of currency shouldn’t be a surprise.”

Bruner said –

“We think it’s just simply an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of emerging technology that we think it has a lot of possibilities going into the future.”

According to Professor Jenkins, if you are thinking about using cryptocurrency, there are some risks that go along with it, as and when the value of cryptocurrency fluctuates more drastically than dollars.