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A censorship-free version of Bitcointalk? Developer launches

An uncensored and independent version of Bitcointalk, “” has been launched by a developer. On the forum, Bitcoin proponents will be able to freely discuss and debate the emerging technology.

According to the forum creator, the main aim of the newly developed forum is to gather businesses, software developers, and enthusiasts who are interested in a decentralized peer to peer digital currency and believe in everyone’s right to privacy. The core value of is free speech, any discussion is allowed until the users respect the non-aggression principle and forum rules.

The website of is almost similar to the portal. On the forum, crypto enthusiasts can find a variety of sections for all types of topics. Here the enthusiasts can have a general discussion about Bitcoin, technical discussion about Bitcoin Cash full node implementation and other cash related software topics. To start the discussion you have to register or sign in on the platform. After registration, you will be able to discuss bitcoin mining, information about cryptocurrency marketplaces, economics, and project development. If you want to discuss in a specific language or in a specific geographic area than you can start the discussion in local forums. Local forums are available in different languages such as Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, and Chinese. Like Bitcointalk the forum also has the subforum where the users can discuss alternative cryptocurrencies and other blockchain related projects.

Crypto enthusiasts like to discuss the innovative technology regularly on social media and forums. Almost every digital asset has its own forum where the proponents can freely discuss the digital assets but over past few years, the problem of censorship has been arising on the forums. Two largest Bitcoin-based forums, Reddit and have been plagued with censorship. Thousands of the users have been banned on the forums for having different opinions. Because of the extreme censorship, many of the users have shifted to other forums. The newly developed independent and uncensored forum is going to provide a platform where the Bitcoin proponents can share their views freely without any fear of getting banned.