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79% of Crypto Event Attendees Are Male, Reveals Study

A recent study has revealed that cryptocurrency-related events have more men in attendance than women. These statistics are not just applicable to the registrants at such events, but also to the speakers in attendance.

Bizzabo, an event software platform, conducted in-depth research to highlight such gender disparity prominent in the crypto industry.

The research study covered over 100 events spread across 15 countries. All the events studied were attended by crypto industry professionals as well as experts from related fields.

The numbers don’t come as surprise, as it has long been known that the cryptocurrency industry is male-dominated. As per the research, more than 79% of the attendees at these crypto events were male.

Bizzabo had conducted another research on gender diversity in November 2018. The research had revealed that 70% of the speakers at events across different industries, including the crypto, were male. The Chief of Customer Success at Bizzabo, Alon Alroy explained,

“Like the tech industry, at large, there is a lack of gender diversity in the overall virtual currencies space. We’re seeing that reflected in the attendance for these events, as well as the speakers. One cryptocurrency conference recently featured 84 men onstage and three women. That has to change.”

The data collected by Bizzabo has highlighted some more interesting trends.

For example, most of the attendees at crypto events come from the United States (45%), while the UK comes close at second with 28% attendees.

The UK is followed by Belgium and then Canada. Australia, China, Israel, and Hong Kong- all represent 1% of the attendees at crypto events.

The study also underscored the large number of attendees from the finance sector at crypto events.

As much as 57% of all registrations at these events were made by people from the finance industry. These numbers are followed by 37% registrants from the tech industry, while management consulting firm attendees come third, with just 6% attendees.

Alroy further explained,

“The financial services and technology sectors have all struggled with inclusion and that has a cascading impact on the gender mix at these events.”