5 Ways Blockchain is Shifting the Traditional Education System

While you probably already know about blockchain and how it is transforming the digital world, there are many other areas that technology is infiltrating.

This time, we have put together the 5 ways blockchain is revolutionizing the higher education system. Are you ready for the tour? Let’s unpack the hidden things!

1. Storing Transcripts and Recording Credentials

All academic credentials have to be recognized universally. How this system works today is through a largely manual system. Paper documents always need to be checked on a case-by-case basis and transcripts are mainly filed in cabinets, that means students don’t have access to their own files.

Blockchain can change all this at once. MIT has recently developed Blockcerts with a company called Learning Machine, which is an open standard to create and store any official university document. This implies that students are in control of their own records, and all the lecturers or future employees can view them.

2. Security

Traditional networks easy to hack that hackers could potentially steal almost all the data from any university database. Since blockchain offers ledgers that can’t be hacked, owing to its decentralized system, it suggests that for education it offers a much safer storage unit, where all the records could be safely stored. This can result in a better and more trusted environment for records.

3. Student Discussions and Sharing

Blockchain gives students the change to share their opinions, work as well as academic entities without using a 3rd party server. This is an added safety which means that plagiarism can be significantly reduced.

The most popular among the students, essay writing services also use blockchain for secure payments. Students can share their essay writing service experiences in an environment that is more safe and secure.

4. Enhanced Academic Opportunities

The rise of Blockchain tech suggests that universities and colleges must accommodate this shift. More new courses are getting added to the universities across the world, and students can study the true potential of blockchain and research its development.

The added courses mean new opportunities for people interested in pursuing a digital degree.

5. University Payments

In order to pay for anything online, by far, we need to go through a 3rd party system that usually comes at a cost to both parties involved. There is no doubt that Bitcoin has revolutionized the payment system, and blockchain can do this for University payments.

All the students could securely pay from wherever they are in the world for their college course, without the middle man involved, and the added security is that their money is 100% safe.

The Future is Different

Now, will Blockchain revolutionize our education system? Indeed, it has that potential. The question is, will Universities and Colleges around the world let it?

Blockchain offers a unique platform for the students and professors alike. It can be used to benefit everyone involved. As the technology grows, its capabilities too will go with it.

It looks like blockchain is going to be the future!