CoinStat and CoinScribble Forms New Strategic Partnership

Coinstats, an app-based cryptocurrency research, and portfolio tracker, and Coinscribble, an anonymous social journalism platform focusing on the cryptocurrency industry recently announced that they had mutually agreed, to enter into a strategic partnership. This will eventually widen CoinScribble’s user base by a significant amount and also facilitate CoinStat users with a more comprehensive overview of the crypto market.

CoinStats, which boasts of having 500,000 active users and more than 5 billion USD tracked assets, has on its platform advanced price tracking software, exchange integration, and industry news aggregation. It is available on the web, MacOS, iOS, Android, Telegram Bot, & Apple Watch. The iOS version of this app has a rating of 4.7 stars which over 35,000 reviews. They have only recently released their web app, whose drastic redesigning enables the user to track his/her portfolio, monitor the movements of the market, communicate directly with teams and integrate with a range of 100 possible exchanges in a very easy manner. Their live feeds also consist of information like Live price data, exchange data, social media feeds, and trending news is all easily accessible for every major coin.

CoinScribble allows anyone to post about press releases, news, opinions, and other types of content on the platform, which then automatically gets distributed across most major cryptocurrency news aggregators. The platform boasts of having over 1 million viewers.


With regards to the partnership, CoinScribble Founder, Ty D Smith said,

I’m really excited to be working with CoinStats. Their platform is top-notch and it’s an honor to be chosen as one of less than 30 news sources.

Content created on CoinScribble will be available on CoinStats’ robust news suite, thus extending CoinScribble’s distribution network to more than 1.5 Million monthly readers across web and mobile, instantaneously, after the announcement.