banker joins crypto startup

An Institutional trader From Deutsche Bank get onboard a Japanese Crypto Startup

While with the risen of new cryptocurrency business services towards now, more businessman than ever before have found the security and reliability, but they are still waiting for the trustworthy services. Meanwhile, in the recent news, Yasuo Matsuda, an institutional trader from Deutsche Bank, plans to join FXcoin as a senior crypto strategist starting in September 2018.

The crypto world, besides all the insecurities, is finding a good way to add more to the business world. With various crypto-philics looking forward to initiating the startup of the crypto trade, FXcoin Ltd., a crypto startup founded in September 2017, has added former bank trader to their team. The newly appointed 49-year old Yasuo Matsuda worked as a foreign-exchange dealer at the German bank, Deutsche Bank, from 2012 until June of this year. The new strategist will be focusing on providing analysis of crypto markets and daily reports on the market’s activity.

Deutsche Bank, founded in 1870 in Berlin, is considered to be one of the leading and most influential financial institutions worldwide. Deutsche Bank’s CIO head Markus Mueller makes a statement that “governance,” which will legitimize crypto investments, could come in “five to ten years.”

In order to execute “virtual currency-related business,” the current focus for FXcoin Ltd. is seeking approval from  Japan’s financial regulator the Financial Services Agency (FSA) The startup has reportedly applied with the regulator to exchange cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) under a licensing system that was adopted last year. The crypto startup has also attracted a number of former institutional employees, including trading experts from HSBC, Nomura, and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial. FXcoin’s founder and CEO Tomoo Onishi is a experienced employee at Deutsche Bank,FX division before he left his job in December 2017.

Onishi, to Bloomberg, claimed that the startup is “trying to do all it can” while waiting for regulators’ approval, revealing that FXcoin plans to employ “another five people from financial institutions,” following the upcoming approval.

With startups having an experienced and youngsters in their team, globally, might give us a hint to the seriousness of the crypto-philics towards the future of the cryptocurrencies world.