$1,000 Bitcoin Mural Puzzle of Paris Has Been Solved

Six days after CryptoGlobe artist Pascal Boyart created a ‘revolutionary’ street mural with a hidden puzzle of 0.26 Bitcoin reward, it seems that the puzzle has been solved.

The painting was a modern interpretation of the famous Eugène Delacroix creation, Liberty Leading the People (La Liberté guidant le peuple in French), painted in 1830 during the French Revolution which toppled France’s monarchy.

Boyart improvised the historic painting by replacing 19th-century armed revolutionaries with the contemporary “Yellow Vest” protestors.

The yellow vest movement in France started in November 2018 after the country’s government decided to raise fuel prices. Thousands of people marched to the streets and a large number of them wore yellow vests, voicing their economic rights.

Some have even spotted a similarity between the illustrated protests and the rights and origin of Bitcoin itself. CryptoGlobe has recently reported on Max Keiser’s call for the protestors to convert their euros to BTC, moving away from the French banking system.

Given the speculations though, the exact solution to Boyart’s painting is yet to be revealed. Boyart took to the microblogging website Twitter to reveal the news.


Earlier Boyart had said that the puzzle cannot be solved just by analysing it remotely and that sleuths must visit the location to decipher the painting’s clues. In the above tweet, he mentions Alister Milne, well-known Bitcoin enthusiast who funded the reward.

A Twitter user by the name Antoine Giver wrote, “… We are very happy to win this race…” and, “We’ll post the story and details of our finding in the following days. Spread Bitcoin!”.


It is believed that the funds, worth about $1000, along with some public donations have already been collected.