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World’s First Interactive Blockchain Game: QTUM Heroes

BTC Wires– The prolific upsurge of Bitcoin and consequently, the Blockchain mechanism was thought to be confined only to cryptocurrency for some time. But there are some groups which always think a bit out of the box. BINGO, a front-runner in Blockchain entertainment has developed an interactive game called QTUM Heroes which is completely based on the Blockchain mechanism. The game, which requires the players to choose their own avatar and lead them to battle, was officially launched on 27th April, 2018. The company has targeted to be the market leader in this relatively new genre of Blockchain gaming.

The game comprises of several little heroes called QTUM heroes and each one of them possess their own unique power, physical features and combination of genes. Currently, there are 1,528 heroes/characters in the game and the character which has the highest power value is numbered 1,112. There is one more unique feature to this game, players can breed and form another distinct offspring in a specific circumstance. The cost of the top character is 5 QTUM and the chat centres are charged at 0.1 to 0.2 QTUM.

Bingo has a market capital which is worth $2 billion and CoinMarketCap has ranked it at number 18 all over the world. Bingo uses the Core Infrastructure(Bitcoin) along with its smart contract technology. What is exciting about the BINGO developed game is that it uses decentralised Blockchain in order to create fresh-gen entertainment platforms. Matt Lee, the CEO of BINGO stated that his company was an expert in linking the traditional gaming industry with the relatively new Blockchain mechanism.

While this game has garnered praises from all over the world for its unique concept and technology used, some gamers have their own doubts, one of which is the question why a hardcore gamer would leave the dashing graphics of a P.S, V.R or a P.C and dedicate himself to Blockchain gaming.