The World’s First Blockchain Smartphone: Finney

BTCWires– The market is currently abuzz with Blockchain technology and that’s all the rage right now. It was only a matter of time before a smartphone came into existence which uses the same blockchain technology. Before we talk about the smartphone, let’s go over what this new technology actually is.

The blockchain technology is an open decentralized database that eliminates the need of a third party in any transaction which involves value. This is a layman’s definition of it. In reality the technology is quite complex and is creating ripples in the society.

Sirin Labs, which is the startup responsible for the creation of this smartphone, aims at improving user security for its customers. It has those come up with FINNEY, which is what they are calling the smartphone. It is the first cyber-protected, blockchain-enabled, mobile phone and it enjoys the functionality of Android. It also has a suite of cyber security technologies, which gives users safe, reliable access to the blockchain.

The startup tweeted on 24th of April The FINNEY tech specs are 99% completed. We are working out the final details with FIH (Foxconn International Holding) . releasing them to the community in 2 weeks.

Foxconn is the manufacture of FINNEY and they plan to make blockchain technology available to the mass market. Apart from Android, it will run Nimrod May, which is Sirin Labs own operating system. It is an open-source operating system which will improve the user’s experience by ten folds.

Since the company’s main goal is to improve user security, it comes as no surprise that the smartphone will have a built-in security system called Intrusion Prevention System which will be based on the user’s behavior. The blockchain technology will allow the users to capitalize on their phone’s resources without falling prey to any security breaches of their personal data.

Users will be relived to find some familiar features on the phone. For example, the Google Play Store will be available on the phone and any app can be downloaded from there. However considering the advanced security measure of this phone, this feature comes with its own checks too. The user will have to grant permission to any and all apps that they wish to download and their personal data is their own responsibility. Apart from the Play Store, the phone will also have SIRIN LABS Decentralized App store where one can purchase apps via the use of cryptocurrency.

This smartphone is priced at $999 as of now and can be pre-ordered with SRN tokens.