On.Live, A Revolution To The Online Broadcasting Space

Now I can see that the world really gets better by the day! There was a time I had an argument with one professor in my school regarding the fate of the world.

In my perspective, I saw that everything seemed to be retrogressing. School fees were getting more difficult to afford, jobs were getting more difficult to acquire and crime was on the increase yet this professor wanted to say the world was getting better.

At that time I could not come to agree because all the above doesn’t seem like getting better to me.

But today, I am in his shoes, week in week out I see innovations that leaves my mouth wide open. Oh my God such an innovation and the imagination of what it means to the world makes me so happy and honored to serve as the mouth piece for such innovations. Today it is the case of On.Live

There was a time the world was in doubt as to what was possible and what was not. Then came the industrial age with iron leading the way and the world begun to see a huge expansion to the scope of possibilities. Time went by and people came to the inventions which made the world more receptive to all possibilities. That was the advent of computers.

Now people could process amazingly large computations with ease which made applications of computers to get viral, and increased production of industrial robots made work easier.

Then came the internet, the internet was an awe to the entire world. I think it might have been a great moment info.cern.ch first ever server was launched online. I am told it use to take hours to load half a web page but at least there was internet. Tech legends at CERN led by Tim Berners-Lee worked to make this happen.

Internet made use of the existing power of the computers and this lead to proliferation of informatics in every aspect of everyday living. Scientist worked on reducing the size of the computers and today we have very small PC’s of computation power unimagined before.

New age is now the age of blockchain technology, the age of liberalizing the potentials of the internet. It is the age where highly efficient companies can exist without CEOs, without workers, without rigid salary structure and without middlemen. Every functioning aspect of these companies works remotely, liaising the power of blockchain technology.

Now companies exists and are hosted online without any central servers yet they have computational powers the exceeds that of google.

I would have tried to explain what blockchain technology is but I am afraid I may end up sounding too cerebral.

So what is On.Live?

Before we get to know On.Live let’s share this story ;

Dr. Adams had just returned from Cuba where he had his medical training. Unfortunately, the government had not yet placed him to work and here he was, with his hard earned skills and qualifications, yet he could not put it to use.

Dr. Adams had brought home some money which he was living on but as he was not getting employed he was soon running out of funds to live on. He decided to take the advice from one of his friends to take on job from a private hospital where he was to receive just tokens.

Soon he was engaged at this private hospital but his pay was very small and he was not engaged much. Dr. Adams was then advised to take on some online consultation.

He first registered with Practo and soon he begun extra consultations but there were just too many issues involved with this online service including how he received his payments. It looks as the company benefited more from his sweat than he did and soon he realized he was spending more money and energy than he really earned for himself.

Dr. Adams then tried others and they all had that common denominator of centralizing control of how capital was moved across the platform. He had no control over his earnings and this posed lots of problems. Sometimes Dr. Adams had to find ways of moving his patients out of the system to consult so he could earn the full amount and this was against the terms of these platforms.

So when he got a full time job he decided to quit his online consultation because of this problem even though he was getting the chance of helping lots of patients he did not even know.

Meanwhile let’s check this

According to market survey, there has been massive interest in the telemedicine sector during 2010 to 2014. It has been estimated that about ten million citizens in America make use of telemedicine/ year. With the help online doctors, one can alleviate the minor medical conditions with ease as well as with the chronic conditions. Consulting online doctors helps in preventing regular doctor visits which can cost a pretty penny for the common populace. Telemedicine is quite beneficial for those who have no access to medical and health insurance for that matter.


There are so many advantages online consultation brings to clients including reduced cost and increased convenience and confidentiality. In case of the health sector, some people do not feel comfortable expressing their health condition in the doctor’s office but would not mind sharing with a doctor they know has no chance of sharing their condition with any person that knew them.

This brings so much ease to every industry that requires consultation. This is why providing satisfaction for these online consultants cannot be overemphasized.

This is exactly where On.Live comes in. I could say something about them but let’s allow the innovation speak for itself;

The On.Live platform will completely change the way video broadcasts as well as remote consultation markets operate. The potential for scalability is unlimited utilizing the power of blockchain technology. Using P2P networking any user with computing power and an internet connection can contribute to the platform. A smart incentivization system ensures that the contributors are properly rewarded, driving the decentralized economy forward with ONL tokens.

How is On.Live to be used?

This platform as said on their website shall be providing opportunities for almost every sector including Lawyers, Doctors, Weight Loss, Job seeking, Fitness, Education, Insurance, Language Learning, Financial advice and so on.

These group of consultants can provide live broadcasts with flexible billing system based on pay-per-minute and pay-per-view models and allowing scheduling of future consultations.

This can be applied in teleconferencing, workshops, online tutorials, fundraisers for charity, sports and fitness, health and wellbeing or really any other purpose.

This platform is built on a powerful business to business and business to consumer technology which makes it unique compared with the other services of its kind in existence.

What makes On.Live so unique innovation?

Let’s consider these two scenarios from the story of Dr. Adams

Dr. Adams wants to make use of his skill and extra time he had. He comes across the traditional online consulting platforms to provide online consultation. Let’s call this platform X.com.

Now Jane feels light tingling in her tummy but she does not have enough time to visit a doctor offline. She logs on to X.com and finds Dr. Adams who is a Gastroenterologists.

Dr. Adams consults for her through a pricing policy by X.com and then after the money is paid Dr. Adams has to wait for weeks to get his share which may be only about (50-70) % of charges presented for Jane on the platform.

Sometimes Dr. Adams doesn’t get squared on consultations because of costs of internet data and other utilities. After a while Dr. Adams gets fed up and quits. His time is not used, Jane never gets help from his services too. Everyone loses.

But there can be another scenario.

Dr. Adams happens to find On.Live probably through this very article. Jane also finds On.Live and logs on when she had that tingling in her tummy.

Dr. Adams talks with Jane and they agree on a fee then he engages in a HD broadcast consultation with Jane. Jane gets better and Dr. Adams also get 100% of the money he asked for in ONL tokens.

This system eliminates the middle man and Dr. Adams feels more satisfied working directly with Jane. Every penny from the deal that leaves Jane’s pocket gets to Dr. Adams hence he is more likely to put his best into it which will improve his service delivery by customer satisfaction.

With On.Live, everyone wins and the people who contributes to make this happen also earn ONL tokens for their computation power. This makes an ecosystem of happy clients, consultants and service providers working together in a decentralized platform with the security of blockchain technology. Nobody gets to use Jane’s health data for extra gains that she would not be aware off.

Same applies to the use of On.Live in other sectors which makes it a revolutionary system.

With On.Live, everyone goes home happy.

Now that we have seen what On.Live means to the broadcasting industry, let’s take a look at the investment potential with this amazing innovation.

My crypto mentor once told me that when I want to invest in a coin or token for a long term I should look at the scalability, usefulness and relevance of the value the coin is built on and also the dedication of the team behind it before I invest. He also mentioned that another important aspect to look at is if the coin is finite in supply.

When I read the Whitepaper of this platform I was thrilled and I knew I had to be involved with their pre ICO no matter what.

On.Live satisfies all this conditions and it is something you can’t miss. Aside the money you may make from this, you also get to contribute towards the existence of what I would call the revolution of the online broadcasting space. Something that would give the traditional systems like YouTube and the rest a chase for their money.

ICO Dates & Information

Onlive LTD like many decentralized companies have opted to open investment to the public and funds shall be raised for the project through a public ICO which starts 11th of March 2018.

Key dates

For more information you can check out their official video on their YouTube Channel and watch video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BV3YwprKcQ

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