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MoneyConf 2018: Understanding a Decentralised Future

Blockchain, one of the most uprising technologies in the world has shaken the world through its roots. The token economy and the decentralised applications are on the rise.

Talking about the aforementioned technologies every year since 2015, the world’s leading Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and FinTech experts gather at MoneyConf, an event organised by the team behind the world’s largest tech conference, Web Summit. Web Summit has grown to become the “largest technology conference in the world”.

Covering this year’s MoneyConf’s, “Blockchain: Understanding a decentralised future”, session, the panel for the session included:

  • Nicolas Cary, Co-Founder and President of Blockchain
  • Eric Larchevêque, CEO of Ledger
  • Toby Coppel, Partner and Co-Founder of Mosaic Ventures
  • Jalak Jobanputra, Founding Partner of FuturePerfect Ventures
  • Joon Ian Wong, Managing Director, Europe and Asia of CoinDesk

The session started off with Wong asking, “What is the Point of decentralisation?”, to the panel, to which the common response was the reduction of risk and its skip over the interference of any other third party.

Eric Larchevêque was quoted saying, “The biggest business model of decentralisation right now is speculation.” adding, “there are a few business models that are really working, like securities.”

The main problems following centralisation are manipulations in the businesses and investments, rigged elections, and the misuse of distributed personal data without user permission.

The investors have some special investing theses, in which they tend to invest in tokens, which helps in building an ecology where businesses come to a consequence, and proves valuable to the community. Investing in tokens helps the business grow globally.

Blockchain wallet, the world’s largest digital asset wallet, has just passed the $25 million mark, serving in over 140 countries. The users who sign up for the wallet can trade (buy and sell) cryptocurrencies, and when they do, Blockchain makes something for themselves on every trade. This is how gets their revenue, said Nicolas Cary, the Co-Founder of Blockchain.