Limited Edition Collectibles from Blockchain Cuties are the Cutest Thing Ever

BTC Wires: The new kid on the crypto collectibles block is arguably the cutest so far. The Blockchain Cuties Limited Edition is seeing three fresh additions.

The launch of the Blockchain Cuties Limited Edition had made for an exciting new addition to its usual collection of real and fantasy creatures. These are generation zero collectibles and have a novel look along with a bunch of new gaming properties. Some of Cuties were the Owl, Red Dragon, Football Legend, etc., and most of these have already sold out completely, with there having been just ten Cuties per edition open to be sold. The fact that they sold out so easily speaks of its immense popularity among the gamers, and three new Cuties are being added to the range.

Slated to be inspired by superheroes, these will allow the gamers to own beyond just the cutie. The gamer, by virtue of the purchase will also be acquiring a unique set of things that accompany the Cutie in question. The first one of the kind is ETHor, which has already been brought to the market and is seeing massive sales. Having a uniquely etched out background and an interesting look to flaunt, EThor comes with his helmet, his armour as well as his hammer, an important element of modern day pop culture. These have been provided with novel and functional properties as a part of the game which make sure that ETHor is well-equipped to perform well in PVP adventures as well as the soon-to-be added boss raids.

This particular set has the unique property that it allows the user to harness extra bonuses provided ETHor is wearing it. One of this is the fact that only ETHor can lift its own hammer and for all other cuties, it will be shown as lying on the floor. This is the first of its kind that is sold alongside a set of unique items like the hammer and it works the best only when it is used by ETHor itself. However, even when the gamer decides to use the set with other cuties, ETHor will still be visually represented as bearing his own items.

Blockchain Cuties are adding more Limited Edition cuties which are guaranteed to enhance gaming experience even further, making sure that it continues to be such a great combination of investment opportunities and a fun experience. Using Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, the cuties are ERC-721 tokens that gamers can use alongside a bunch of exciting features.