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Lee Sedol to Launch Blockchain Based Ancient Chinese Game

Grandmaster Lee Sedol to launch the blockchain version of the ancient Chinese game known as the Go board game.

The grandmaster Less Sedol from South Korea gained a lot of popularity after he lost to the AlphaGo artificial intelligence that belongs to Google, in a match of Go, which is an ancient Chinese game. Now, Sedol plans to launch a Go game project that will be dubbed GoBlock and will be based on the blockchain technology. He is launching this game in collaboration with The Blockchain Inc., which is a Korean blockchain company.

GoBlock will work on a global level with Go esports. This will be a worldwide professional league of the Go game and will start with players from South Korea, greater China, and Japan to begin with. In addition to this, Sedol also plans to develop a highly balanced reward system so that everyone including the viewers, the professional Go game players, the advertisers and the league supporters can get advantages from this game.

As already mentioned above, GoBlock will work on the blockchain technology in a transparent and secure ledger that
will be decentralized. This will ensure fairness and transparency in the matches. Also, GoBlock will have amateur leagues too, in addition to the professional game, to provide training to all the Go gamers. It will also help in commercializing the match records of the Go game.

In order to carry this task out, GoBlock will be issuing tokens to game players, support leagues and match records.
In a statement, Sedol mentioned, “Creation of a decentralized Go game ecosystem is one of the project’s key missions. I was drawn to the blockchain technology due to decentralization and transparency features. If blockchain technology and the token economy are applied to Go game, it will be able to expand the game’s ecosystem and bring about unforeseen changes to the game’s ecosystem.”