Is There A Course On Crypto At London School of Economics

BTC Wires: London School of Economics (LSE), one of the most renowned education institutes in the world, has a very unique course that it plans to offer to its students. Commencing from the August of 2018, LSE plans to offer an online course on investing in crypto.

This new six-week course is called “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption” and it will teach students some “practical skills to interact with cryptocurrency exchanges.” The nuances of using cryptocurrency wallets and evaluating the analytics of initial coin offerings (ICOs) will also be taught in this course. These practical lessons in crypto will be coupled with “theoretical thought leadership for which LSE is renowned.” The course information has been shared in the prospectus and it clearly states that students will learn the nitty-gritties of how crypto actually functions.

The relationship between digital currency and traditional fiat currency is a very important aspect which will definitely be touched upon in this course. Along with that, distributed ledger technology and its impact on business and industries will be a subject matter of the course

Although this course will equip the students with all the information that they need to invest in crypto, it clearly states that it will not give any advice or recommendations on investing in crypto. Rather it will provide them a deeper understanding of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

The online course will be taught by Dr Carsten Sørensen, Associate Professor of Information Systems and Innovation. The course offers six modules that make up 60 hours of class time. The fee for this course is €1,800, or roughly $2,116.

A first for LSE, but this kind of a course is definitely not a first in an esteemed British university. Oxford University already offers a six-week blockchain strategy program. A growing interest in crypto only means a rise in more such courses in the future.