Introduction to Lisk

If you are well versed with how blockchain technology functions, you may also know what a blockchain platform is. Lisk is one such blockchain platform.

Like NEO and Ethereum, the Lisk network is a decentralized application network which uses smart contracts, powered by LSK cryptocurrency tokens in order to provide developers with a platform with JavaScript support, making it a go-to for web-based apps.

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What is Lisk?

Lisk was created by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows as a fork of Crypti back in 2016 and the Lisk Foundation is pushing for Lisk Meetups, and strategically developing products like Lisk Academy based on its blockchain network.

Several key members of Ethereum’s original team are reportedly working on the Lisk team, and it has subsequently secured key partnerships that make it a blockchain network to watch. The Lisk Blockchain has a modular approach and the ability to build fast, scalable platforms.

Lisk recently underwent a major rebranding effort, as a result of which it has a cleaner and less cluttered look and is aiming to provide a blockchain platform that can be used and developed by a wide range of potential blockchain creators, not just developers. This could bring Blockchain applications development to the masses.

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What are LSK Tokens?

The Lisk token (LSK) has a market cap of $159,519,545 USD at press time and is currently the 35th ranked cryptocurrency. Out of the total 12,661.060 supply, 105,410,666 LSK are circulating at a price of $13.16 per coin.

LSK has strategic partnerships with companies like Microsoft which in a way influences its prices and the availability of the Azure Cloud platform increases the network’s viability when powerful tools like JavaScript and builds a strong case for mainstream acceptance of this Blockchain-as-a-service contender.

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Why Choose Lisk?

By developing side-chained apps Lisk is a scalable platform for developing decentralized applications that can handle anything a large company like Microsoft can throw at it. It also has a thriving community of followers on Reddit that keeps a track of all the major aspects of its development.

Though the crypto market is a collaborative as well as a competitive market, blockchain networks are dependent on several types of support to sustain. Not every platform has the strategic partnerships Lisk does. Lisk removes a lot of obstacles by tapping into JavaScript developers. Though it’s not fully immune to crypto industry crashes, it won’t be hit as hard and will recover quickly.

Lisk cryptocurrency coins will continue to hold value with the increment in investment, in the Lisk network. Lisk has the kind of support that 99 percent of the crypto industry can only wish for, which isn’t always blatantly obvious by staring at value charts. Small startups with Windows computers can leverage this blockchain network to maintain relevancy in today’s market.

The good thing about LSK is its usability and though it may not be rivaling the top cryptocurrencies, in the market, this blockchain network has a solid future in a crowded market, so long as it keeps its head on straight as it grows.

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