Intrachain: World’s First Blockchain Integrated Process Mining Software

In this day and age of the internet, data holds the key to success in any sector, business, or at the intrapersonal level. A correct and accurate set of data can prove instrumental in the success of a company, while on the contrary, a slightly inaccurate version can cost you years of progress. The current methodologies used for data collection are not just off the mark, but straight out wrong and even unethical to some extent.

Intrachain, the world’s first mining software integrated with the tamper-proof Blockchain technology aims to change the old-age norms of data collection. With its one of a kind software, for behavior tracking data, Intrachain promises to revolutionize the data collection sector. The firm has come up with two use cases of its blockchain laced Mining Software:



Intrachain Private:

The first use case is for the individuals, who can use the intrachain to track personal behavior and can also opt to store the data on a blockchain. This data can then be used to reflect on the usage and analyze their respective online or smart device usage.

Intrachain Business:

As we talked earlier, data is like gold for industries, no matter how big or small these industries are, data can be the X Factor to change the fortune. With intrachain one can ethically buy user behavior data stored on the blockchain. These data can be then used to allocate intercompany services. This system of working save costs and provide companies with the accurate data that are needed to make informed decisions.

Smart contracts govern all the data transaction on Intrachain. The customer can keep a track of their data being handled, and companies benefit equally as the data accuracy is the key here.

The Intrachain ecosystem runs with the help of Intrachain Token and works just like any other blockchain based token. The token holder gets to interact with the ecosystem, and one can buy the tokens as per their need and requirement.


Wire Summit Exclusive

Wire summit is one of the unique and innovative gatherings of the crypto experts and investors alike. The summit aims to provide new blockchain based ventures and ideas with wings and the wind beneath it. With over 1000 investors, more than 25 companies and 20 plus partners, you would have the attention of who and who of the crypto world.

Intrachain with its innovative ideas and unique integration of blockchain in the data collection sector surely hold the potential we are looking forward to. The Summit commences on 2nd December at Aloft Hotel, Aero City, New Delhi.