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IBM Joins Decentralised Cross-Blockchain Registry, Announcement

As indicated in an announcement on September 13, IBM has joined a decentralised cross-blockchain registry initiative for blockchain projects which it states is a ‘Yellow Pages’ analogue.

This initiative is referred to as Unbounded Registry that will be followed by a blockchain startup HACERA. It is designed to offer “a decentralised means to register, join, look-up and transact across many blockchain solutions which are built to interoperate with all of today’s distributed ledger technologies.”

The blockchain project will reportedly approach some significant issues in the field including a catalogue of domain-specific functions & services, the discoverability of blockchain networks & applications and the reserved naming for blockchain projects. Some other members of the registry include Chinese tech giant ‘Huawei’, Intel, Hitachi, Batavia and the Australian Blockchain Association.

An Overview to IBM

IBM is widely praised for its openness to the application and study of blockchain technology across various fields. At the beginning of the month, this tech giant revealed a Stellar-based “near-real-time” blockchain payment network known as BWW (Blockchain World Wire). The solution is developed for facilitating international settlements among the banks.

The IBM and Danish transport, as well as logistics giant Maersk, together launched their global chain-enabled shipping solution in August. As reported, the platform can track the critical data about each shipment in a supply chain according to the real-time, while generating a distributed and immutable record on the fly.

The business and tech consulting wing of IBM, IBM iX launched a blockchain-powered tracker for digital transactions in a partnership with software supplier Mediaocean to “clean things up” in the media buying industry.

This announcement of IBM joining a decentralised cross-blockchain registry for blockchain pages can turn out to be a profitable option for the market. So stick to BTC Wires for the further information in this regard.