How to sell Ripple?

Cryptocurrencies and digital money are steadily being accepted all around the globe. The air of anonymity is slowly vanishing away, and more people are showing a certain level of interest in it than ever before. Some of the better known and accepted cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ripple(XRP), Ethereum. There are currently around 150 different forms of cryptocurrencies trading in the open market. Although, far from being a mainstream form of exchange, we can say these cryptocurrencies are in their first generation, and they will only get better regarding technology with time.

Ripple made “ripples” last year during the September High when it tanked the second position holder Ethereum to take the spot. However, the rise did not last for as it crashed to a free fall of 40%. Trading your cryptocurrencies or selling it is quite the trend today. So, in this article, we will talk about How to sell Ripple?

Ripple just like any other cryptocurrencies work on blockchain technology, so to sell them, you need have first to decide how you want to trade our Ripple. You can select from various types: We will look into each of them in detail and take scenarios in consideration to understand it better.

  • Peer To Peer Transaction.
  • Sell your Ripple via Crypto Exchange
  • Online trade Ripple for USD or Euros.


Peer To Peer Transaction:

Peer-to-peer trade is considered to be one of the safest modes of trade, as it ensures your privacy and safety. Once you are into Crypto world of trading, you know people around, you have a circle. Let’s suppose you have a 100 Ripples and you are in need of some cash, so you spread the word among your peers that you are willing to sell 50 Ripples. Anyone looking to buy those Ripples will get in touch, and you will make the trade behind closed doors.


Sell Your Ripple via Crypto Exchange:

Crypto Exchanges has become quite common and broadly accepted for trade.L et us say I bought 100 Ripple a few years back at a much cheaper rate, and I forgot about it. Recently while going through my computer, I stumbled upon it. Now I don’t know many people who are into crypto, so the most natural mode for me to get money is through a crypto exchange. They charge a certain percentage on your Ripples usually around 5-8%. And some Exchanges give different options as you can make a trade for USD or Euro. Or you can even trade it for a different cryptocurrency.


Online Trading of Ripples for USD or Euro:

In this day and age of internet and social media, you can sell anything online. There are various online forums and groups, where you can send out a message that you want to sell your Ripples. And anyone interested will contact you. This form of trading is an online version of Peer to Peer Transaction.

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Looking at the ever increasing faith and stability of cryptocurrencies, it might not be a big ask to sell your ripples, given so many different options available. To understand the basics of RIpple and what it is, go through A Beginner’s Guide to Ripple.