How To Instantly Buy Litecoin With Credit Card?

Litecoin has shown great potential in the past as a profitable altcoin investment. Having steadily risen on the charts in January and February, now would be the ideal time for you to buy Litecoin with your credit card.

Yes, that is how convenient it is to buy cryptocurrencies these days. You can quite easily but Litecoin with your credit card or debit card. Check out our guide on How to Buy Litecoin with Debit Card? for the latter.

Litecoin is currently at rank 5 on the charts and it has great return on investment. You can read our piece on Will Litecoin be a Good Investment in 2019? to have greater clarity regarding its prospects this year.

So if you have indeed made up your mind regarding wanting to invest in Litecoin, let’s go ahead and check out how you could do that with simply your credit card.

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Here’s How To Buy Litecoins With Your Credit Card:

Now there are many cryptocurrency exchanges out there where you can purchase Litecoin with your Credit Card. The basic procedure remains the same, however, the steps might differ from exchange to exchange.

To start of, one of the most popular platforms to buy any cryptocurrency from is Coinbase, which happens to be one of the biggest exchanges in the world. Follow these five easy steps to purchase Litecoins with your credit card.

Step 1

You will need an account on Coinbase, or any other exchange that you decide to buy from, before you can actually make the purchase.

Sign up on the platform, add all your personal details and make your own account before you start trading in cryptocurrencies.

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Step 2

The next step is a very important one. You need to add your billing details, which means you can add your credit card details in this step.

Make sure your home address matches your billing address, or else there could be issues and your details might not be authenticated.

Most exchanges have compact security mechanisms in place to make sure that your private billing information remains private.

Step 3

To verify your account, you need to upload a government-issued ID card, which you can either upload in the form of a pdf, or take a picture of, with your webcam.

Once you have verified that you are indeed who you claim to be, your account is all set to be used. You can now buy or sell any cryptocurrency on the platform.

Step 4

You can now start buying Litecoins on the platform. Just click on ‘Buy’ and input the quantity. Once you have confirmed your credit card number, the transaction is completed.

There, now you have successfully bought Litecoins off of a platform, with your credit card. The coins will be instantly added to your account and you can store them there on your wallet.

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