How To Find A Direct Cryptocurrency Seller Online?

Unless you take into consideration the specially designed privacy coins such as Monero or ZCash, most cryptocurrencies are not usually anonymous. So if anonymity is your prime concern and you don’t particularly want to go for a privacy coin, you can ideally seek out a cryptocurrency seller who’ll sell you the crypto coins of your choice directly. Now, while there are ways to buy Bitcoin with cash or personal checks, you might also want to buy some other cryptocurrencies privately and anonymously. For that, you’ll have to find out a cryptocurrency seller who’ll sell you some coins directly. In this article, we take a look at the ways in which you can find such crypto sellers online.

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Finding A Direct Cryptocurrency Seller: Some Peer-to-Peer Trading Platform Options

The following are some well-known peer-to-peer trading platforms where you can find sellers willing to give you cryptocurrencies in return for a variety of payment modes.

1. CoinDirect:

CoinDirect is a cryptocurrency exchange that works on a peer-to-peer basis. The prices are quoted by the sellers you contact and over 40 cryptocurrencies can be bought via this exchange from sellers directly. The exchange process is available all day, every day and the fee structure is a rather easy-to-understand and transparent one. What is best about finding sellers over CoinDirect is that this exchange is completely compliant with regulatory norms and is affiliated to the Isle of Man Financial Supervision Commission. As a result, you can be rest assured that CoinDirect will be a great exchange for you to find a seller on.

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2. Wazirx Peer-to-peer:

If you are really interested in buying Tether or USDT directly from seller, you can do so using this platform, which offers INR pairings for the Indian users. If you have read our guide to Tether, you’d know how it works as a stablecoin and its stability is the key reason why Wazirx has chosen to go mainly with it. This platform is KYC-enabled, with a smart dispute resolution system, and this helps in ensuring that the users are assured of a compliant scheme of exchange.

3. Cointal:

The Cointal or CoinPortal is a peer-to-peer marketplace for primarily Ethereum and Ripple cryptocurrencies, which are two of the top three cryptocurrencies of the market. However, buyers and sellers can also trade on options like Litecoin, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash etc.

4.LocalBitcoins/LocalEthereum/ LocalBitcoinCash etc:

These are some of the most popular and reputed peer-to-peer trading platforms for different kinds of cryptocurrencies. You use LocalEthereum for Ether (ETH), LocalBitcoinCash for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and so on. These sites offer the option of connecting with sellers and charge low transaction fees of around 1%. They also often offer escrow services. However, users are ideally expected to do the due diligence themselves because you never know which seller you might get paired with.

Once you buy your crypto coins from sellers directly, make sure you store them in one of the best cryptocurrency wallets of 2018.

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