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How To Earn Free Bitcoins?

If you are crypto enthusiast then you might have many questions in your mind, for example you may wonder if the value of Bitcoin is legitimate? You may have also wondered about how you can earn free Bitcoins.

One thing to be clear about before discussing the various places to earn free Bitcoins is that there is no easy way to get wealthy if you haven’t invested or worked towards it. Clicking on a website will not help you earn income or even Bitcoins. That being said, we can also conclude that cryptocurrencies are unique and there are marketers out there who are making profits by giving away these digital currencies.

If you’ve got some free time in your hands, and wouldn’t mind picking up small amounts of Bitcoin here and there, then this guide is the right place to begin.

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Reputable Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets were incepted not long after Bitcoin’s introduction to the world in 2009. Gavin Andresen was the first person to own a Bitcoin faucet, and while Bitcoin faucets come and go, most of the times they are marketing scams. The owners lure people to their website by tempting them with free Bitcoin giveaways. You may wonder how to buy Bitcoin without ID, but with Bitcoin faucets most of the times what happens is that just when you have made enough Bitcoin to cash out, the website disappears!

Earn Bitcoin Through Reward Programs

Shopping rewards programs are a great way to use digital currencies. Tokens that pay in Bitcoin are the perfect way to lure shoppers. BitcoinGet has a service called CoinRebates. This shopping service has various retailers in its network, such as Newegg, Walmart, and more. Whenever you spend a dollar at any of the retailers in the network, you earn a varying amounts of bits. Please note that 1 bit equals 100 satoshi.

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Read Books to Earn Free Bitcoin

Websites like PaidBooks.com pay users for reading books. While it functions like a Bitcoin faucet, however it is a more interesting way to give away free Bitcoin as it requires the users to engage in a thriving community.

Mobile Applications for Free Bitcoin

Testing mobile as well as tablet applications is one of the newer ways to earn Bitcoin seamlessly. Many developers pay user to have their applications tested. This is where websites like CoinBucks come into play. They forward some of their commission in Bitcoin. There are also different website where you can buy Bitcoin with debit cards.

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Free Bitcoin through Gambling

To lure customers, many gambling websites such as 999Dice and PrimeDice give users the chance to play with a free balance which may be a small amount to begin with. Although your eligibility to play games depends on the ruling jurisdiction, however you can always withdraw the earned money for free. There are many types of Casinos such as CloudBet that exist in the Bitcoin world. They offer a bonus on the basis of 1:1 deposit. You must gamble the funds you deposit if you want to cash out.

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