How To Create Your First Bitcoin Cash Wallet?

If you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies and have started using Bitcoin Cash, you may be wondering what your storage options are. From mobile wallets to hardware wallets, the crypto scene is full of options to suit your storage needs. Even so, for a beginner, the needs are more simplistic, as the user tries to get a hang of things before moving on to more sophisticated or advanced wallets. Have you ever wondered how to create your first Bitcoin Cash wallet? If you have, then we have just the answer for you.

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How to Choose your First Bitcoin Cash Wallet?

When you start out looking for a good wallet to store your BCH holdings, then its best to go the simpler route first. Given this is your very first Bitcoin Cash Wallet and you are possibly just starting out in the field of crypto storage with a small quantity and not much to spend, it is best to choose something easy-to-use and ideally, free.

For most people starting out with Bitcoin Cash, the practice is to start small. When you do indeed start investing, it does not make the greatest sense to shell out a lot of money for an offline cold storage option: a hardware wallet, even though that is widely accepted to be the most secure choice.

We would suggest you go for a simple mobile wallet that you can easily find on the Google Play Store to the App Store.

Our suggestion would be the BRD Mobile Wallet and in the following section, we will explain to you how you should go about setting it up.

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How To Set Up A BRD Wallet For Bitcoin Cash Storage?

It is really really easy to set up and use the BRD wallet for storing your Bitcoin Cash holdings. For using the BRD Wallet, you can simply download from here. Then, you can click on the option that says “Create New Wallet”.

At this point, the wallet set up process will require you to enter a safe pin. Once you do it, it will generate 12 words in 12 different pages and this will be your “Paper Key”.

Keep this safe because this is going to be the single no important thing for you to able to access your wallet and use your Bitcoin Cash.

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