How to Buy Dogecoin with Credit Card?

What started as a joke fashioned after a common pop culture reference, is now a major player in the cryptocurrency market. Yes, we are indeed talking about Dogecoin and How to Buy Dogecoin with a Credit Card instantly.

It has been proven that Dogecoin is well equipped to deal with market crashes- a phenomenon quite common in the world of cryptocurrency.

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What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency created by Jackson Palmer in 2013, as a fork from the Litecoin blockchain which itself is a form of Bitcoins.

It is a decentralized, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, very similar in features to Bitcoins.

The name derives from a popular meme, the Shiba Inu doge (pronounced doh-zhe), and was initially intended to a parody to tip content creator, but the DOGE since then, has climbed steadily up the ranks and is currently has a market cap of $269,274,546 USD.

Just like Litecoin, Dogecoin too uses the same Scrypt-based proof-of-work algorithm.

Buying Dogecoin With Credit Cards:

The one problem that investors face while investing in this particular coin is with regards to how to sell or trade Dogecoin as well as buying and storing them.

There are very limited options when it comes to buying DOGE with credit cards, or even debit cards.

Livecoin which is a platform where cryptocurrencies can be traded and exchanged, and which also is associated with major payment processing systems claims to accept credit card transactions.

However, the problem lies in the fact that Livecoin is a relatively smaller and lesser-known exchange, and it is up to you to trust them.

CoinSwitch also provides an easier way to buy Dogecoin with a credit card (Master/VISA) anywhere in the world, in just three clicks. It also allows you to compare the current Dogecoin rates across all major exchanges.

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It seems that in such a scenario, it is much better and safer to use one of the larger exchanges, in order to buy Dogecoins with credit cards.

However, in such cases, you will have to buy bitcoins, from the more trusted exchanges like Coinbase,, or Bitstamp or any of the top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges.  You can then exchange the Bitcoin for DOGE later. Our guide about how to buy bitcoin with debit card may be of use here.

Some of the exchanges, functional worldwide which we have identified as ones which have facilities for BTC/DOGE exchanges HitbtcChangelly, and Bittrex.


It seems that whatever be its origin, Dogecoins have proved its mettle in the crypto world and has over the years showed some tremendous growth.

Though you might be having doubts about whether to invest in the coin, you can take a look into the future of Dogecoin in order to determine whether it’ll be a worthwhile investment or not.

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