How can Blockchain Help overcome Facebook’s Privacy Issues?

BTC Wires: Facebook is one of the most popularly used social networking sites and according to a reliable source, 1.47 billion people across the globe stay active on Facebook daily on an average basis. In addition to other information, personal photos uploads are also reported to take place around 300 million every single day. Facebook now faces one of its biggest business risks of all times that got fuelled due to its inability to maintain the privacy of its users, who were affected by personal data breach.

It was reported that Facebook revealed around 87 million user’s personal data to Cambridge Analytica data firm. This is something to raise the eyebrow of every single person who is now addicted to Facebook. The blockchain technology is now being perceived as a quality instrument to help to handle Facebook’s privacy issues.


Explaining blockchain technology

Blockchain can be described as a growing list of records or blocks linked together using cryptography. This means the ledger will allow incorporating new information but the old data saved in blocks, cannot be edited or altered at all.

Blockchain technology is perceived as a safe and reliable digital ledger that logs transactions and allow data exchanges in a secured manner. Now, this advanced technology is being harnessed to safeguard data privacy on social media platforms as well.


Help Facebook tightening their grip on data security

Data verification

This technology assists in doing identity and data verifications, to keep at bay the issues of fake Facebook accounts that post false news. It assembles and validates every possible piece of information posted and shared online. Through the implementation of blockchain services, Facebook can make sure that all the information posted and shared online will remain totally safeguarded as the blockchain network maintains transparency of the processes that the data passes through.

Tackle hacking issues

Blockchain can decentralize the entire system, which makes it practically next to impossible for a hacker to hack into the social media networks and the accounts(like Facebook accounts). In a blockchain system, the data is kept distributed over the network and is also recorded in multiple different systems. This completely ensures the hackers will not get even a single scope to attack privacy online.

No indexing possibility

It has been found that a number of companies employ Google’s indexing feature that breaches an individual’s privacy. Indexing will give no result if the Facebook account or any social media platform comes powered by blockchain technology.

Your pictures will be safer now

Blockchain and decentralized systems can help users share pictures on their Facebook account with only specific people (they are comfortable with) and also track how the shared images are actually being used. It might also be even possible to control data access by separating it into pieces and making authorization mandatory to view it. This way privacy issues of Facebook can improve a lot undoubtedly.

Blockchain has several possible application scopes and it is not just limited to Bitcoins. A lot many fields are employing blockchain technology and the number is sure to grow in the future even more. Block has got immense potentiality to upscale the privacy of individuals using various social media platforms, including Facebook!