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Google No Longer Allows Crypto Miners On Play Store

Google has come up with some amendments in its Play Store developer policies recently this week. The last time an amendment was established, it read “fake IDs were banned from being submitted by developers.” This time several categories of applications have been placed on an embargo, and according to the new guidelines on the Google Play Store policy page, Crypto-Mining applications have been prohibited.

The prime intent is to simply keep away the applications which can mine digital coins on the devices of the operators.The statement clearly reads: “We don’t allow apps that mine cryptocurrency on devices.”

Another possible reason for this action might be the availability of countless crypto-mining applications beforehand, including some popular ones named, MinerGate, Crypto Miner, and NeoNeonMiner.

Also, Google had put a ban on various Cryptocurrency Mining extensions from the Chrome Web Store quite lately. As informed, the event in April took place due to “malicious software developers who attempt to abuse the platform at the expense of users.”

It is to be noted that the ban is applicable on any application that makes use of a device’s CPU or GPU for the purpose of Crypto-Mining. Google, however, still permits the digital token mining apps on Play Store, but they would include only the ones that are used to control all the operations concerned with mining of cryptocurrency on devices —such as servers or desktops.

The other categories of applications that are no longer allowed include, firstly, the ones that “appeal to children but contain adult themes”, and secondly, the applications that are ‘in essence’ made to present ads.

Furthermore, all those ads are to be restricted which offer any kind of product that could harm mankind, such as explosives, firearms and ammunitions. Lastly, those applications with similar or copied contents are to be banned.

The news was not publicly announced by Google. Reddit reports that certain developers put forward complains about their applications being removed. One can, however, visit the updated “Restricted Content” section of the Play Store Policy Center in order to view the changes made.