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Ethereum Enterprise Alliance Is Back With Plan

The Amazon Web Services owned Ethereum Enterprise, after forming the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, was somewhat dormant for over a year and a half. But somehow, it seems that they took all that time to gather useful information and built their plans accordingly. There was not any sense of haste and now, the team is ready with ample ammo in their possession.

The only thing that was constantly taking place at a steady pace was the addition of new members. But on the contrary, the lack of live projects led to the thought on everyone’s mind that the world’s second largest blockchain would fail to deliver even after the formation of the consortium. The rival consortium DLT’s CEO even went on to say that the un-rapid progress of Ethereum Enterprise Alliance goes on to prove that it is not suitable for the enterprise.

But EEA has now joined hands with more than 500 firms, of which BBVA, Credit Suisse and JP Morgan are the leading banks and traditional tech-support provider Microsoft is also on-board. The former president of the WiMAX Forum, Resnick went on to say that it takes standard bodies a timeframe of around three to four years to deploy plans.

EEA and Decentralised Identity Foundation (DIF) have incorporated Enigma(ENG) as a member of late. ENG, the cryptocurrency mainly focuses on stability, privacy and security. The Enigma Data Marketplace launched three weeks ago actually acts as the bridge between the data provider and acute data consumers.

One key challenge that remains for EEA is that it has to maintain and develop its source code as it was initially designed for public use. Hence the working tech has to modify extensively in order to match with the privacy-centric enterprise models such as DLTs Corda or Fabric. In order to prove the claims of R3 chief wrong, EEA has to step up. As of now, they have a plan and they have promised to be working towards the development of their tech in a rapid manner.