Cons and Pros Of Populous Coin

Even in the modern era of widespread capitalism, SMEs or small and medium sized enterprises have managed to hold on to their relevance.

However, such firms face a lot of problems, especially in terms of funds, as businesses usually realize sales revenue in its entirety after a significant duration of time has passed post sale.

With invoice financing services based in blockchain technology, the Populous Platform seeks to put their worries to rest.

The Populous Coin (PPT) is their native coin and in this article, we quickly weigh out its pros and cons.

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Pros of the Populous Coin

1. Designed To Control A Trust Deficit Issue

The Populous Coin, or PPT, as its ticker symbol is, is governed by incredibly efficient blockchain smart contracts.

This is imperative to the process of invoice financing and prevents possibilities of fraud.

In invoice financing, the problem of duplicate financing can become rampant if not controlled early on by pre-set rules.

Here, what the smart contract does is, it sets up certain rules stipulated in advance. The transactions are recorded as per these pre-set conditions. This makes sure the users or businesses involved have no need to repose trust on a whimsical human intermediary or even one another. Trusting a smart algorithm should be enough.

2. Ease of Access

Given its decentralized and available for people in most countries, this block-based system is making waves in the world of invoice financing.

This is a service that is being increasingly required by businessmen and having a blockchain platform ready to take care of that need in a decentralized manner is nothing short of a godsend.

Therefore, the fact that the platform can be easily accessed by almost anyone and trusted without batting an eyelid definitely makes it to the list of pros.

3. Anonymity of Transactions

Privacy and anonymity are some of the basic needs of blockchain and crypto users these days and this platform, the Populous Platform, guarantees that for its users, making this a huge plus.

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4. An Interactive Community

Given the fact that this platform attempts to tackle a very unique need, it is no wonder that it has managed to amass an overwhelming size of loyal following within a very small duration of time.

Having an interactive, engaging and helpful community is definitely a huge bonus for all those planning to dip their toe in the services of the PPT world.

Cons of Populous Coin

1. Lack of a Regulatory Framework

The Populous Platform has been developed around an extremely unique idea on the overarching structure of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Now, it is no secret that crypto and blockchain are usually regulated rather loosely across the world and are subject to a high degree of suspicions from authority bodies.

The lack of clear regulatory direction in an unsure field makes the whole affair laced with immense uncertainty.

2. Security Vulnerabilities

Over the course of the past couple of years, we have seen numerous cryptocurrency scams and asked ourselves if they can be stopped.

Truth is, it is difficult to contain them. Being a crypto-based system, it is vulnerable to a host of issues that usually plague cryptocurrencies, ranging from wallet hacks to accidental losses.

Clearly, PPT remains prone to these as well.

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