Blockchain To Resolve Package Tracking For Walmart

BTC Wires: In the latest news from the retail giant Walmart, blockchain is now going to resolve all the package tracking issues for Walmart to ensure it runs like the well-oiled machine it is! Walmart recently sought the help of blockchain technologies to resolve all the issues they regularly faced with scheduling deliveries of their products. The application for this all-new Walmart patent for filed on 5th July and was titled “Delivery Reservation Apparatus and Method.” The gist of this application was to find practical ways using the blockchain technology to manage package reservations in case the buyer is not available or accessible during the time of delivery to receive it.

To this effect, Walmart wrote, “Each space on the docking station has a corresponding capacity unit for each location on the   docking station. The transactions for the capacity units are tracked in a ledger, with available capacity units indicating an open location on the docking station or contracted out capacity units indicating that either the location has a locker secured thereto or that the location is reserved for future delivery. In some embodiments, the docking stations utilize a blockchain reservation system. As such, each docking station can be a node within a blockchain network.”

However, this is not the first time Walmart has filed such a patent application. Over the years, this retail giant has been known to file several such applications with the context of “smart delivery” to its buyers. It seems that the primary aim of Walmart by way of this patent is to embrace the blockchain technology and employ it to its advantage by automating all the attributes of their delivery process. While Walmart’s association with blockchain till date has been limited to the food supply chain tracking, it is now broadening its horizons in terms of making the entire process of delivery more streamlined and automated for the buyers. This move can definitely take the popularity of this massive conglomerate to another level altogether, given that we now have blockchain to associate it with!