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Ben Horowitz On The Rise of Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies

According to the legendary investor and co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz, Ben Horowitz cryptocurrencies and blockchain is experiencing the highest developer activities. Ben Horowitz is known for giving insights about the crypto industry. Ben Horowitz said that the blockchain and crypto is a new world for developers, they have ample opportunities to build new applications in any field including money, law, digital property, education, healthcare, etc.

This is an era of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Businesses all over the world are trying different blockchain software and accepting digital currencies. Because of increasing demand for blockchain software, the demand for Ethereum has also increased. In the past few months, the developers which are using Ethereum has increased substantially. As the increasing numbers of developers are using these technologies means these technologies are useful but we have to wait until they become the mainstream. Universities and colleges across the world are also working on Ethereum platform.  In the near future, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lightning Network (LN), Sharding and Plasma are going to see a huge update.

In a recent interview, Ben Horowitz said that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are the new computing platforms. According to him, in every twenty years there comes a new technology and becomes revolutionary. Now it’s time of blockchain and cryptos. These technologies are becoming revolutionary. Though these technologies are similar to other technologies but the one feature which makes them different is trust. With blockchain technology, users do not have to trust on third parties to participate in the network.

Ben Horowitz also compared Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) with the dot-com bubble. According to Ben, all ICOs are not bad but all the bad companies are having ICOs. Like the companies in the 90s which were adding dot com to their names to skyrocket in the market but the companies which were not working towards genuine growth experienced a sell-off. The same thing is happening with some companies these days. Companies are adding blockchain word in their profiles to receive an influx of investors. But in a short period of time, the companies which are not genuinely working on the blockchain technology are falling to their previous price levels.