A Beginner’s Guide to WAVES Cryptocurrency

Even the staunchest of crypto lovers find it impossible to name each and every cryptocurrency there is.

There are just so many of them, that it becomes hard for us to keep track.

This essentially means that the crowded market is making it increasingly difficult for the crypto developers to get any crowdfunding or capture the attention of crypto enthusiasts.

The ensuing chaos leaves many aspirant developers high and dry when it comes to funds.

Keeping the above mentioned problems in mind, the WAVES platform was developed to make it easy for Blockchain Developers to launch and Tokenize new assets using the wonders of Blockchain Technology.This incredible solution is backed by a native crypto currency called by the same name.

In this article, we take a quick look at what the Waves cryptocurrency is, what its key features are, why you should buy it, and where you should buy it from.

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What is WAVES Cryptocurrency?

WAVES, developed by Sasha Ivanov, a physicist from Russia, is a unique platform based in blockchain tech.

WAVES is a completely decentralized platform where even people with little knowledge of coding can launch ICOs by tokenizing assets, and seek crowdfunding.

Using features such as blockchain smart contracts and dApps (decentralized applications),

WAVES makes it possible for users to customize their very own cryptocurrency besides simply using a host of other cryptocurrencies.

Now, this whole process is powered by a native cryptocurrency unique to this blockchain network, called Waves itself.

Since its launch in 2016, Waves has found itself in the top 30 of Coinmarketcap’s list of cryptocurrencies as per market cap and has seen a significant increase in percentage value even though its absolute value might seem to be negligible. On the Waves platform, people can transact with a variety of tokens, but must use Waves tokens only when it comes to paying the transaction fees.

Features of WAVES Cryptocurrency

Speed of Transaction

The WAVES blockchain makes sure that each and every block of transaction is processed within a minute. This makes sure that the transactions using WAVE cryptocurrency prove to be extremely fast and convenient.

Serves as A Bridge Cryptocurrency

The WAVES blockchain makes a note of all transactions under its ledgers, be it involving a crypto coin or fiat. WAVES cryptocurrency is used to facilitate the transaction, making it a great bridge cryptocurrency.

Negligible Fees

The transactions using the WAVES crypto are really easy on the pocket as you have to spend just about 0.001 WAVES, less than a dollar if we calculate as per the current price, to find a transaction using WAVES.

Where To Buy WAVES From?

WAVES is available in some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the market. However, before you buy WAVES, make sure you know how to secure crypto wallets so that you can keep your new holdings safely. No matter how low its value today, it never hurts to keep it safe, especially since its price might just shoot through the roof someday.

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Following is a short list of cryptocurrency exchanges that allows you to buy and sell WAVES Cryptocurrency. Besides the ones listed below, you can definitely use the WavesDEX exchange powered by the WAVES platform itself, for an authentic experience. Some exchanges that trade in WAVES are:

No matter where you buy from, its best to check the pairings available. All of these sell WAVES against Bitcoin (BTC) and a fair number also sell against Ethereum (ETH).

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