Will Ripple be a Good Investment in 2019?

Ripple (XRP) has had a turbulent year so far, much like the other cryptocurrencies in the market.

The cryptocurrency is often called the poor man’s Bitcoin.

It has been involved in a rat race with Ethereum this last year, for the coveted second rank amidst all the cryptocurrencies.

In the end, Ripple came out on the top and is currently the second most valued crypto in the market.

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Where does Ripple stand?

Currently sitting tight on the second spot on the ranking list, Ripple has a a market cap of $14,781,347,528.

It has fallen down the ladder since the beginning of the year by a massive 74.2%, but the market in general has seen a period of slump in the last year.

The cryptocurrency saw an all time high back in January, and since then, it has lost much of its value.

The trading volume of Ripple (XRP) at the time is $738,503,937 and out of the 100 Billion Ripple available, only 40.8 Billion has been mined till now.

The XRP token of Ripple is currently quite popular in the market.

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Why Invest In Ripple?

The Pros and Cons of Ripple are fairly black and white. The positives of Ripple outweight the negatives by a wide margin.

Ripplenet, the network created by Ripple to connect banks and payment providers is highly lucrative and draws users from across the world.

The Ripple (XRP) token is highly valued in the market and it has great scalability, which can be modified according to the trends in the market.

The Ripple team has made some great collaborations and partnerships which has bolstered the value of Ripple as an asset.

Partnerships with various banks and payment providers has also helped Ripple’s market valuation to escalate over time.

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Price prediction for Ripple

Below is a graphic representation of Ripple’s performance in 2018:

Ripple Price Prediction

Source: CoinMarketCap

Some experts have predicted that Ripple could see its price double by the end of the year, but the chances of that seem slim at the moment.

That being said, Ripple still poses to be a great financial investment that you can definitely consider for 2019.

Its dedicated team, strong presence in the market, numerous collaborations and practical price makes it a popular investment choice for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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