Will NEO be a Good Investment in 2019?

If in the new year, you have wondered whether or not NEO will be a good investment, we might have the answers for you.

Going into 2019, we recognize NEO as worthy of being considered as an investment due to its growing popularity,

Having emerged in China, this cryptocurrency has a solid blockchain network at its core which is its driving force.

Often referred to as “Chinese Ethereum”, the NEO coin has quickly emerged as a popular cryptocurrency in the market.

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NEO As An Investment: Worth Your Money?

NEO is currently at number 18 on the cryptocurency ranking list and is trading at $7.80

It has a Market Capitalization of $507,105,304 at the moment.

It witnessed its all time high back in January, trading at $198.38 USD. Since then it has dropped approximately by 96.1% in the year alone.

Source: CoinMarketCap

The market in general has seen a downward slump and thus NEO’s tragic downfall is not completely unexpected.

Before deciding if the crypocurrency is actually worth investing in, let’s take a look at what it offers in terms of an asset.

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Should You Invest In NEO?

NEO has made some impressive collaborations in this year.

The World’s Largest Blockchain Hub, Trust Square, Hosted NEO Among 40 Other Startups.

It is clear that the company has made a firm place for itself in the market, owing to the blockchain technology that it offers.

The legitimacy that the coin has, since its backed by the Chinese government and investors, is solid.

It guarantees that in the long term, the coin will not just fade away, but remain steadfast in the market.

On top of that, the cryptocurrency offers a speedy transaction mechanism. “This high speed gives it an extremely high degree of efficiency which is capable of boosting adoption.”

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Price Prediction for NEO In 2019

Most experts believe that NEO will see some serious gains in the year to come, mostly because of the backing it has from the Chinese government.

The currency has already started to notice some gains towards the end of the year, owing to its multiple collaborations.

Due to the large amount of traction that this platform is now receiving, the price go up as high as $500 in the year to come.

More so since the platform is now being eyed by institutional investors.

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