Ethereum price 2019

Will Ethereum Be a Good Investment in 2019?

The erosion of the value of Ethereum has not been anything less than a shock to the crypto community.

With Initial Coin Offerings losing their shine, it appears that everyone has one question on their mind- ‘will the price of Ethereum rise again? If you are also wondering if Ethereum will be a good investment in 2019, then you’ve arrived at the right place. 

Being one of the most successful Blockchain-based platforms in the industry, Ethereum has also become, unfortunately, the platform to run fake crypto projects.

The low rate of Initial Coin Offerings and the tightening of regulations around them have led to a decline in the value of Ethereum.

Crash in the value of Ether has also resulted in projects selling off their cryptocurrency. However, many experts like ConsenSys Founder, Joseph Lubin, are of the view that use cases of Ethereum’s protocol are set to grow and with the increased adoption of distributed computing platform, the value of Ethereum will also witness a hike. 

Let’s take a look at some of the price predictions for Ether to verify whether Ethereum will investable in 2019 or not.

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Ethereum will touch the price level of USD 1,200

According to Blockchain influencer and the Founder of, Joseph Raczynski, the price of Ether will hit the mark of USD 1,200 by quarter four of the year 2019. Raczynski’s prediction is based on the popularity of Ethereum’s Proof of Concept consensus model among investors.

Raczynski added,

“They are one of the most real projects to date. Nearly all large organizations are testing on this platform.”

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End of 2019 will see Ether’s price touch USD 1900

The head of research at Fundstrat Global Advisors, Tom Lee, has said that Ethereum will rally from its currents lows.

At the time of writing, Ethereum was trading at  USD 114.97 with a market capitalization of USD 11,947,353,594.

Lee believes that Ethereum is well-positioned to recover from its current value and reach the price of USD 1900 by the time 2019 comes to an end.

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Ethereum will Become More Popular than Bitcoin

Crypto market observer and author, Jedd Reed is highly bullish on Ethereum. Reed is of the view that Ethereum is a better than Bitcoin in the long run.

He elaborated on why he thinks Ethereum will become more valuable than Bitcoin,

“Like Bitcoin, there is little stopping Ethereum from being an alternative currency to fiat and commodity currencies. You can conceivably trade anything using Ethereum, but this is not Ethereum’s strength in comparison to other cryptocurrencies – they can all do this. It’s rather the computing language that allows the smart contracts to exist that makes Ethereum more valuable than BTC.”

Whether or not Ethereum will reach the forecasted price levels or not remains to be seen. Let’s hope next year is a bright one for cryptocurrencies. To know more on what to expect from Ethereum in 2019, do read our article on the same.

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