Will Dash be a Good Investment in 2019?

Dash is that one privacy coin which you should definitely not ignore in the coming year.

When planning out your investments for the year 2019, make sure you take into consideration the less popular cryptocurrencies that are around.

Amidst the bear market going on right now, Dash is seeing some major gains.

Currently trading at $89.18, Dash occupies the 14th rank on the ladder. It is estimated to climb up even further.

The DASH website tells us :

“DASH is digital cash you can spend anywhere. Use Dash to make instant, private payments online or in-store using our secure open-source platform hosted by thousands of users around the world.”

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Why Invest in Dash?

Dash is characterized by some great benefits which makes it an important cryptocurrency to invest in.

The InstantSend feature that Dash offers is an excellent tool to facilitate ultra-fast payments which can be both processed and validated in less than a minute.

The transaction fee of Dash cryptocurrency is on the lower side, making it a lucrative investment to trade in. It levies a fee of  just USD $0.10.

The infrastructure of DASH operates on a two tiered node system, whereby the first tier consists of nodes or participant computers and the second tier contains the actual master nodes.

This infrastructure allows for a more efficient and regulated system of operation. It works on the same Proof of Mining concept that Bitcoin works on.

The privacy and anonymity that the cryptocurrency offers by bundling up transactions in order to hide their origin or destination, is what makes it stand out from other cryptocurrencies.

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Price Prediction for Dash

Undoubtedly, the market is currently really turbulent and volatile. It is a constant tug of war between Bullish vs Bearish.

The popular trend is clearly bearish and at the moment, most investors are hesitant to invest in any new cryptocurrencies.

Dash has been around since 2013 and has stood the test of time quite well. The cryptocurrency has provided staedy returns on investments.

The popular prediction for the cryptocurrency for the next 5 years is around $5000. So it would not be a bad idea to invest in Dash.

The price of the cryptocurrency is expected to rise in the coming months, so one can hope for some solid gains and returns on their investment.

Additionally, the fact that Dash has collaborated with various payment programs, would only guarantee that the company will be able to increase the value of the Dash tokens.

To conclude, Dash is a good investment option and we definitely believe that Dash Would Survive the Crypto Winter

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