What Was The Highest Price of Bitcoin Cash?

Today, Bitcoin Cash is the fourth largest cryptocurrency of the market, priced at just $162.08 at press time. But have you ever wondered what the highest ever price of Bitcoin Cash was?

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It is an intriguing consideration to undertake. In fact, if you have started following the crypto market and especially the prices of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), only a few months ago, you would perhaps be extremely shocked by how high BCH’s all-time high really was.

In our article, “What Was The Highest Bitcoin Price in History?“, we have described how Bitcoin’s price touched astronomical levels in the winter of 2017.

December of that year represented a dream run for Bitcoin but that did not mean other cryptocurrencies were left behind.

December 2017 saw most crypto coins suddenly and quickly climb the price charts, reaching levels hitherto unseen.

The prices they reached at that time set a tough benchmark to breach, something most coins in the market have not even come close to doing since then.

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When Did Bitcoin Cash Peak The Highest?

After Bitcoin had neared the $20000 mark on 17th December, 2017, all other cryptocurrencies were reeling from the effects of the high.

On the 20th of December of 2017, Bitcoin Cash reached its all-time high of $4,355.52, representing an approximate 67% jump from its 19th December level.

Just the day before, the highest price during the trading hours had been $2,918.83. Suddenly, the price jumped by such a large margin, almost nearing the $4500 mark, which seems unthinkable compared to its present price levels.

If we were to make a percentage analysis, it would mean that the price of Bitcoin Cash has fallen by a whopping 2687% per cent (approximately) since its peak level in December 2017.

What Came After The High?

The high of going close to the $4500 mark did not last too long. Soon afterwards,by the very next day, it had fallen below the $4000 mark, trading at $3,909 at its highest rate of 21st December, 2017.

After further falls and some decisive attempts to rise, the price of Bitcoin Cash effectively sunk below the $3000 level on 28th December, reaching $2,481.30.

A fall below the $2000 mark came roughly 10 days later, on 16th January 2018, when it fell close to $1500 from its intraday high of $2,406.86. The day after, it fell decisively, reaching $1,361.02.

The first dip below $1000 came on 2nd February, 2018 and the price kept sinking with some sharp bursts of price rise in between to reach what today is the price of Bitcoin Cash.

However in December 2018, after a series of drops,we saw Bitcoin Cash definitely take off quite a bit in terms of prices. So will Bitcoin Cash be a good investment in 2019? One wonders.

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