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VeChain Price Prediction Of 2018?

If you have been wondering whether you should invest in VeChain or not then you have come to the right place. Before taking advice from this VeChain Price Prediction of 2018 guide, you must know that the price of VeChain is dependent on a lot of factors, and you must take professional advice before investing in the cryptocurrency. To understand what VeChain is all about, you can read our article titled A Beginner’s Guide to VeChain. Without further adieu, let’s get into the price expectations of VeChain for 2018.

VeChain Price Prediction For 2018 Using Technical Analysis

This method allows software to perform technical analysis on volume trends and historical prices of the cryptocurrency VET. The technical analysis method purely takes into account the data and eliminates any other considerations such as market sentiments, team, future prospects, partnerships, etc. As per the popular technical analysis website Wallet Investor, VeChain can hit the price range of USD 11.983 in one year. The website Trading Beats has forecasted that VeChain will be trading somewhere in the range of USD 8.02 to USD 11.80 by the end of 2018.

VeChain Price Prediction 2018 by Experts

The opinions of cryptocurrency experts are always of great importance when deciding to invest in a currency. They may not be able to give very accurate predictions, yet their opinions do impact the market in a larger sense.

Bitcoin Jesus, Roger Ver, has famously said that he sees a gleaming future for VET as the Blockchain ecosystem is devoted to solving real world problems. Its application across number of industries will definitely surge up its price. His tweet in 2017 read as follows:

“I’m most interested in blockchains enabling a permissionless peer to peer digital cash system for the world, but @vechainofficial has some interesting ways of using them to stop counterfeit goods, making P2P permissionless markets more trustworthy.”

VeChain 2018 Price Prediction From Other Sources

On the basis of various factors like technological development, the team behind VeChain, market trends, possible partnerships, etc; several other sources have made predictions for VeChain in 2018. Smart Ereum, a crypto prediction website has stated that the end of 2018 could see the price of VeChain go up to as much as USD 19.63. This price forecast is based on the versatile application of the VeChain Blockchain. Surge in demand will definitely increase VET’s price. One thing to note about VeChain is that as it is a lesser known currency, hence its price may be marred by market volatility.

Most of the above price predictions forecast a good performance by VeChain in 2018. If you want to delve deeper to gauge whether the crypto is investable you must also read the Cons and Pros of VeChain.