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Pass Your Microsoft 70-744 Exam to Become MCSE Certified

If your wish is to become a Windows Server security professional, then you need to read this article attentively! Microsoft has aligned its certification program with specific roles and technologies. This approach is notable with their current transition from product-based skills to role-based expert competences. You’re going to come across new tests that have replaced the ones whose technologies were becoming outdated. This transition has also seen the retirement of some of the old credentials. The old certification program, which includes MTA, MCSA, MCSD, and MCSE, is going to be phased out completely. This doesn’t mean that the candidates can’t prepare for the old exams that Microsoft has maintained. Technologies for the tests like Securing Windows Server 2016 that are still on offer are up-to-date. The exam is designed for those individuals who want to obtain the MCSE: Core Infrastructure certificate. This is the reason why it is still actual. Read on to understand the details of this important test.

Exam Details

  • Number of questions: about 40-60
  • Question types: Questions may include active screen, build lists, review screen, multiple choice, case studies, and hot areas
  • Duration: about 90-120 minutes
  • Exam cost: $165
  • Exam registration: Pearson VUE

Skills Measured

The 70-744: Securing Windows Server 2016 exam is intended for the students who understand how to secure the environments of Windows Server 2016. They have to prove that they understand and can perform the tasks mentioned below:

  • Server hardening solutions implementation
  • Securing network infrastructure
  • Securing virtualization infrastructure
  • Management of privileged identities
  • Implementing workload-specific security
  • Implementing threat detection solutions

Visit the Microsoft website to learn the subtopics and requirements of the exam.

Preparation Options

The Microsoft expert-level certification is the highest level in the program. This is why being MCSE certified should be one of your goals. There are many opportunities that would not have been possible if you hadn’t advanced your skills. But how exactly can you become certified? This is only possible through passing the Microsoft 70-744 exam. Let’s find out how you can cope with this test and enhance your chances in the dynamic IT industry.

  • Know What You Must Know

Information is important in helping you choose the next steps wisely. The first thing for you to do should be to find out what the exam you’re about to take entails. You need to know the syllabus, number of questions, and the expected structure. This will guide you on what study resources to look for and how to learn. It’s common knowledge that the Microsoft tests are tricky. That’s why it’s important to know exactly what to expect. You can obtain all this information from the official Microsoft website. Thus, follow the updates there.

  • Get the Right Study Resources

Good study resources are some of the crucial things you need to pass your exam. Here are some of the best study materials that you can use:

  • Microsoft instructor-led courses. The trainings have been designed by the experts who have been in the specific IT field for many years. The courses are created to meet the requirements. One of the trainings is Securing Windows Server 2016 available on the Microsoft site.
  • Online training courses such as Windows Server 2016 Security Features.
  • Microsoft 70-744 exam dumps from Examsnap to help you practice for your test as you learn through the topics required.
  • Study guides such as the official Microsoft Exam Ref 70-744 Securing Windows Server 2016.
  • Practice your Windows Server 2016 Security skills and knowledge with the free Microsoft hands-on labs.
  • Video lectures. Examsnap has the best video lessons that come with other resources such as study guides and exam dumps. This will give you the much needed insight into all you need to pass your 70-744 certification test.

Be attentive while choosing the materials. Don’t hurry, discuss your choice with more experienced specialists because false guide can lead you to failure.

  • Plan Your Study Schedule

Once you have known what the exam is supposed to cover and have ensured that you have obtained the study resources, you need to plan how you’ll prepare. Allocate enough time for your revision so you won’t have to miss out on what’s important. It’s always advisable to begin to learn early to avoid rushing through the questions. It is also very nervous. Hence, make sure you balance your studies with your other responsibilities whether at work or at home. In fact, if you can draw up a timetable, then that would be the best. Besides,it is advisable that you choose a study location that’s not prone to too many distractions. You need to focus on what you’re doing.Your friends and family also should know about your studying hours.

  • Manage Time During Your Exam

When it’s time to take your 70-744 test, ensure that you calculate the length of time to work on each question. Don’t stay too long trying to answer hard questions that you don’t understand. If you’re not sure of the correct answer to a particular question, guess it, mark it, and move to the next one. You can review the answers you’re unsure of if you still have some extra time. Remember that you should be concentrated.


It’s not easy to prepare for any exam, more especially if there are many other things that need your attention. The Microsoft tests are not considered to be easy to pass. However, the best approach is to ensure that you strike a balance between the most important and urgent issues of your life. Passing your Microsoft 70-744 exam and becoming a MCSE certified specialist involves a lot of work. You should remember that all these efforts are worth it in the end.