Github seems to be a booming space for Blockchain techies!

There are a lot of technological advancements when it comes to writing code and implementing them into applications. One such technological advancements are definitely the development of Blockchain technology. The Blockchain technology is basically coding in the roots. The advancements in the coding niche lead to advanced security and features that are placed in the crypto technology. 

The cryptocurrencies that are used in the blockchain technology are really encrypted to a very advanced level and it would require high-level coding to make cryptocurrency safe for transactions. There are a lot of sources and platforms where you can actually code for a living and one such prominent space is GitHub. 

GitHub, an emerging space for Blockchain:

Bitcoin’s Github community is steadily on the rise and with near to more than 2500+ members in the community, it is understood that most of the members in the community are interested in coding in the Bitcoin community. 

Why so huge

The basic rudimentary concept behind the blockchain tech is intensive coding and it is no wonder that the users are logged into the Github community of Bitcoin to educate themselves in the space. 

Now the problem is that the number of actual contributors to the community cannot be accurately determined as there is no track of the users who are actually contributing code for the betterment in operations of Bitcoin. But as far as the track record the number of Github users who are actually contributing a thing or two is steadily on the rise. 

With the recent developmental programs and code that are received by Bitcoin, it is clear that people who are contributing their time and knowledge to actually develop codes is perfectly working in sync for Bitcoin. 

The added perfections in the same regard are making the Blockchain technology more accessible and reliable over the period of time.

Small hiccups on the road

Even with a lot of users logged into the Github community of Bitcoin, there are a lot of revolving issues around the same. Many of the contributors are from around the world and the avid coders who have given their contribution to the same from Iran have been facing a lot of bottlenecks. This is mainly due to the US trade restrictions put into practice by the lawmakers forcing Github to look for and ban Iranian accounts. These Geopolitical issues are one of the major issues that the Github community face and with a little relaxation on geopolitical laws, there can be better days for the developers of the community.